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RIKEN Europe Office

How did the universe begin? What was the origin of matter? What does it mean for an organism to be ‘alive’? How can science contribute to a sustainable, safe and secure society? Starting from fundamental questions, RIKEN conducts comprehensive basic and cutting-edge research in a wide range of fields. We also develop and operate some of the world’s only and leading facilities, such as the supercomputer Fugaku, synchrotron radiation facilities, accelerators and the Bioresource Research Center. Special lectures for junior and senior high school students and the selection of 100 Science books project will also be presented.

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Daio Wasabi Farm

Daio Wasabi Farm, the world’s largest wasabi field which was reclaimed by our founder Yuichi Fukazawa in 1914, has been attracting people all over the world offering visitors fresh wasabi, stunning landscape, and clear air.

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Amesankoh sells Japanese souvenir goods in the EU under the theme of Japanese souvenir goods, through designs and products of Japanese culture and tradition. It is also a good choice for small gifts for friends and partners.

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Kuradai Miso

We are a miso specialty store situated on Rokkaku Street in Kyoto. Offering over 30 varieties of miso, our selection ranges from Hokkaido in the north to Kagoshima in the south, all meticulously crafted from quality ingredients sourced from across Japan.At our booth at Japan Fes, you have the unique opportunity to taste miso from various regions of Japan!

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Japan start with Master tours, Brussels airport and ANA!

ANA, Japan’s largest 5-star airline offers non stop flights between Brussels and Tokyo, every Wednesday and Saturday.

Brussels Airport
Brussels Airport caters for the specific needs of business and holiday travellers,offering direct connections to 200 destinations worldwide, including Tokyo.

Master tours(Anders dan anders& Tooku)
Anders dan anders is a Belgian tour operator with an excellent reputation and more than 40 years of experience in Dutch-speaking group travel to faraway destinations. You can come to us for unforgettable moments in over 40 countries.

Welcome to Tooku, Japanese for ‘far away’. A Belgian tour operator that stands for quality. With a unique tailored packages and years of experience.Tooku has a nose for hidden treasures and unexplored paths, ears for trends.

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Hallelujah Kimono

“Hallelujah Kimono,” the sole kimono specialty store in the Netherlands, is led by Trico, a Japanese owner with 25 years of kimono experience, including work at a traditional shop and certification in kimono dressing. Since opening in 2021, it offers rentals, photo shoots, sales, and more, with a team ensuring a full range of services. Known for blending traditional and modern styles, it appeals globally, embodying the joy and pride of Japanese culture through kimonos.

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