Japan Fes


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J-Next Miyazaki Beef A5 Rank BBQ

Would you like to enjoy Wagyu BBQ at the “Japan Fes” venue?
  • Come empty-handed and enjoy delicious BBQ!
  • We prepare recommended tasty Wagyu and fresh vegetables.
  • For a grand finale, please enjoy a luxurious curry made with Wagyu.

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Daruma crepe

Daruma Crepe, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, specializes in baking fresh crepes one at a time, filled with fresh cream and matcha green tea sourced directly from Shizuoka, Japan.

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Tea up

We operate stores in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, specializing in tapioca drinks. Our shops were established to promote tea and Asian culture. In addition to our delicious range of tapioca drinks, we also offer a variety of matcha products.

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Osaka Ball

OSAKA BALL, established in 2018 at Europe’s biggest street market, Albert Cuyp, offers an engaging live kitchen food stand specializing in authentic Japanese cuisine. Celebrated for combining music and food as universal languages, the stand, known as Yatai in Japanese, is loved for its vibrant energy, craftsmanship, and exceptional service. It strives to be a cultural ambassador, bringing a taste of Japan to various markets and aiming to connect diverse communities. With aspirations to expand, OSAKA BALL envisions becoming a fixture at music festivals and establishing franchises globally, all while continuing to serve as a hub for Japanese culinary and cultural experiences

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Nonbe Daigaku

Since January 1978, the proprietor, Yosuke Suetsugu, has honed his craft in Japanese cuisine, working in a Japanese restaurant in Brussels.
This culinary journey led to the birth of Nonbei Daigaku in January 2007, a cozy establishment nestled in the heart of the city.

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Belgium’s first IEKEI Ramen. All of our ramen(soup and noodles)are homemade.